Nike VaporMax Reflective Elements - Nothing Stops 'Kev' 'You Up?'

Nike VaporMax Wet Traction - Nothing Stops Shaq 'Bus'man

Nike VaporMax Water Repellency - Nothing Stops Johnny 'Rain Dance'

Lexus LC500 'Alchemy' 1/3 - 40'' DC TVC


Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster GTS (Awaiting final music / sound)

Porsche - E-Performance - Echoes from the Future DC


NN Natural Nutrition: 'Close shave' 45'

Vertu Constellation - Extended 90' cut - Making Extraordinary

'Creating the world's best luxury mobile phone' - The Constellation is handmade in England by a single craftsman.

This commercial follows a Vertu craftsman in a montage of stimulating macro images cut to a rhythmic score of titillating sound FX.

A visual technique of ‘matching frames’ links contrasting images - from the physical to the sensory; the craft and the technology - the rational and emotional assemblage of 148 parts. Shot from a dynamic and dramatic viewpoint that’s close enough to hear the scalpel; smell the leather; see the dust...

Directed by Ehsan Bhatti
Produced by Wanda London 
Creative Agency - CHI & Partners 
DoP - David Procter
Executive Producer - Abi Hodson
Line Producer - Melodie Roulaud
1st AD - Claire Awdry
Sound Design - Gary Walker at 750 Mph
Editor - Sam Jones at Cut n Run
Grade - Steffan Perry at Framestore
Prop Stylist - Petra Storrs                                                                                                                                                   Location - Loft Studio


Guerlain - Abeille Royale - Ouessant Black Bee Island - 70'' vo cutdown

River Island SS13: The Morning After - 90 sec cutdown version

An 2:30 interactive click to explore 'shoppable' film, where the user can purchase product on screen or browse relevant items in the category; as well as explore various additional content shot around the stills shoot. Creative concept / Directed by Ehsan Bhatti, Produced by White Lodge.


BMW X - Leave your mark (Temporary music)

Jaguar x Mr. Porter -FTYPE vs. FTYPE Editorial Interactive film

A wet and slippery race scene between two F-type's... Shot at Rockingham circuit, the user can select between Black or White car POV. A nice little low-budget experiment shooting some cars - if only we got that backlit sunset we wished for!

Director Ehsan B 
Producer Melodie Roulaud @ Wanda London
DoP James Henry
Editor Phil Currie @ Stitch
Colourist Richard Fearon @ MPC
Sound Mix Gary Walker @ 750 Mph


While the room spins to the verses of Yayoi Kusama's poem "Love Forever", viewers are invited to literally spot five differences between the two films. Commissioned directly Louis Vuitton, the concept was to create a competition celebrating the opening of the LV Kusama Concept Store at Selfridges London. Concept / Directed by Ehsan Bhatti.

Mumbai Science - Deja Vu

An oddball half-human, half grape-faced monster lets off some steam - despite how much trouble he gets into, he just cannot stop himself from misbehaving (over and over again...) An off the cuff, rough and rugged journey through the mundane market-stalls of East London, where the chaos of the day unfolds as our deformed dude refuses to take any more crap!